While achieving comfort is the primary aim in the architectural design of our project, sustainability in every detail has also been taken into consideration. The villas are predicated on a basic design concept in a manner that would reduce their reliance on mechanical systems.

Thanks to the villas’ large fully-openable doors and windows, the internal spaces are provided with natural ventilation.

The internal living spaces are integrated with the external spaces down to the finest detail.

Thanks to the expansive possibilities that the architectural design offers, the use of artificial lights in the lighting of the internal spaces has been minimised.

With the courtyard and terrace spaces, created to be independent of the villas, the possibility to experience Bodrum’s unique natural beauties during every season has been provided.

The insulation systems in the villas are of the highest standard.

Local materials that agree with the fabric of the island have been used as much as possible. The effects created using these materials, rounded off with the stone and timber used on the exterior surfaces, have reinforced the emphasis on ‘sustainability’ that we aimed at.

The electronic and mechanical systems, which were considered in detail, lower the energy requirements necessary for heating and cooling. The underfloor heating and ventilation concealed in the ceiling ensure that the temperature in the villas is always at the desired level.

Thanks to the cutting-edge control systems in the villas, which complement the life-style, make it possible for energy to be used at an optimum level.

Environmental Planning

The flora of the peninsula was carefully studied and is reflected in the architectural design in the same manner that was applied throughout the whole of the project. While determining the positions of the villas according to the existing trees, in other places landscaping work appropriate to the local flora was carried out. Carefully planning every stage of the excavation work ensured that the soil and stone on the peninsula was disturbed to a minimum degree. Stones that were turned up in the excavations were re-used around the villas.

By concealing the roads leading to the villas within galleries, the aim was to preserve the natural appearance of the peninsula, while roads in the open were limited to turning areas and parking spaces.

The landscaping that has been carried out, while being in harmony with the architectural design, also ensures that there is a natural covering of flora within the living space on the peninsula.

While the electronic and mechanical systems to be used in the villas have been designed in such a way as to consume energy at a low level, by skillfully concealing the main systems it has been planned to create the minimum visual effect.