A 50 suite boutique hotel connected to the marina has been planned for the eastern slope of the peninsula. This hotel, which will be composed of solely suites, has been designed to answer the needs of both the owners of the villas and users of the marina, that may arise, such as a restaurant, bar, spa, gym, etc..

Negotiations with the world’s foremost hotelier groups are ongoing with regard to the operation of this special property.

Depending on the details of the engagement with the selected operator, villa owners may be offered services of convenience such as catering and housekeeping, upon request.


General Approach

A boutique marina is designed primarily for the use of Epique Island residents on the eastern side of the peninsula. We are using the term “boutique” for the marina since we have designed it on a small scale with the minimum features necessary. It is different from the large yacht harbours that may come to mind when the word ‘marina’ is mentioned, however, we have developed a marina plan and layout that match the topography and geography of the bay.

As a size comparison; the total space taken up by the Epique Island Marina will be approximately 15% of the Yalıkavak Palmarina, and 8% of the D-Marin Didim.

The marina will not only be boutique with regard to its structures on the sea, but also in the concept and functions of its services.

Design Features

Epique Island Marina, unlike other yacht harbour projects, will not contain a closed water basin surrounded by breakwaters. A single breakwater perpendicular to the shore will be used to prevent wave disturbance. The project will not contain long breakwaters which carry the risk of turning the water inside the marina stagnant.

The breakwater has been designed in the manner of a delicate structure composed of piles, not as a conventional rock filled breakwater.

The marina has been designed to take up a very small surface area of the bay as a whole and its structure is at a scale that will not restrict the water circulation within the bay by any means. Total area that the Epique Island Marina takes up is equivalent to only 3.5% of the total surface water area of whole Tilkicik Bay. It is clearly not of a scale that will block the flow of water, or build-up stagnant water within the bay.

The piers within the marina have been designed to be the floating type, and this way the effect on water circulation has been reduced to the minimum.

Due to excessive water depths in this area, expansion possibilities are limited and there are no plans to enlarge the marina in the future. The coastal rock filling (reclamation) is being carried out in a fairly restricted area on a narrow band along the coastline. Filling material, particularly rock will be extracted from the Epique Island project site. Specially selected materials that will not pollute the sea, or cause any permanent damage, that are appropriate to the character of our region, and which are suitable for marine works will be used for the filling. Since the depth of water in the marina is sufficient, no bottom dredging will be carried out.

Creating a beach concept adjacent to the marina is a guarantee that highest standards of water quality will be preserved within the marina.

Who It Will Serve

As the Epique Island Marina is based on a boutique concept, different from normal city marinas, the clientele will primarily be the Epique Island residents and Hotel guests. Priority long-term berthing will be provided for those clients who wish for it. Another client group for our marina is the residents in the Tilkicik and nearby bays who love the sea and sailing.

Epique Island Marina will be a marina for the residents of the region. It will be a marina used by those who live there and appreciate the value of Bodrum bays and Turkish waters.

Construction of the Marina and the Hotel featured in the Project is subject to the permissions pending from the relevant authorities.